Quick Facts 2022

• A solid alternative for managing and sell virtual servers
• Mainly oriented for small and medium businesses that need to manage and / or sell virtual servers.
• Also useful for intranets and teaching
• It has included a basic support tickets system and payment gateways (PayPal, CuentaDigital ).
• Supports multiple servers.
• Works on Debian Bullseye.
• Is written almost entirely in PHP, HTML, JavaScript and includes some BASH scripts.
• Data is stored mostly in a PostgreSQL database.
• Consists of three main packages (vps-control-master, vps-control-slave and vps-control-websocket-proxy) and an Android application.
vps-control-master is where the WEB interface runs and a daemon that is responsible for communicating with all Dom0. There can only be a single vps-control-master running.
vps-control-slave is where the Dom0 is located and where virtual private servers are hosted.
• There can be many vps-control-slave running.
• The Android app has some of the functions available in the WEB interface.
• Communication between vps-control-master and vps-control-slave is done through the PostgreSQL and SSH database.
• Android app works through an API that works with the WEB interface.
vps-control-slave package is developed with a driver format for both, the storage management of virtual servers and the management of the virtualization system.
• The driver for management of KVM and XEN full virtualizacion mode and the storage driver for LVM are fully developed.
• The software is responsible for limiting bandwidth, I/O and CPU usage of virtual servers running on Dom0.
• It also measures bandwidth, disk I/O and CPU usage of virtual servers.
• VPSControl has a repository currently in operation for debian packages. Security updates and/or features are immediately uploaded to the repository.
• VPSControl has been used in production for more than 10 years.